Al Aire Ao AR
Music "AL AIRE" (To the Air) promotes a song of healing and reconnection between peoples
The idea to compose a song dedicated "AO AR" was born inspired by a ritual that the indigenous Argentine Mariela Tulián performed for the collective of the AIRE project, a ritual that evoked the seven directions and the different winds, opening a digital encounter between artists from different cultures. The next morning, the Argentine-Brazilian artist Sebastian Gerlic woke up humming a song that he offered to the group. The piece is a tribute to the original peoples of Abya Yala (of the American continent) opening the way for all the children of the planet. The lyrics were recreated and the melody composed by two indigenous artists: Angel Ramírez (from the Palta people - Ecuador) and Shiraigo (from the Mocoví people - Argentina). 

The proposal continues to be recreated by the group, with the participation of indigenous artists singing and playing traditional and non-traditional instruments. "I walk by singing to healing and heal myself like the wise grandmothers of my culture", it is with this strong and symbolic phrase that the artist Shiraigo comments on her research trajectory on healing songs. She is also a teacher, composer and choreographer of the indigenous Mocoví people.

About the e-residency experience through remote co-creation with other artists, Shiraigo reveals that "co-creation is familiar, we are always working in community all together". She says that the group of artists is working "on the creative process of a musical work with the words of Sister Mariela Tulián who suggested it through her worldview and with the participation of Sebastian Gerlic who wrote verses. We are composing a song and incorporating instruments, rhythms of our indigenous peoples, sounds of nature and of the heart. One of the artists who is also in the creative process of this work is the Ecuadorian from the Pueblo Palta Angel Ramírez, for him participating in AIRE "is an artistic experience that brings together various artists belonging to „pueblos originarios". Its name allows us to summon from the four cardinal points the wise men and women who with their art spread the richness of our cultures". 

The lyrics summon, like an indigenous ritual, all the people of the planet, from the four cardinal points, to unite around Mother Earth. The instrumental music is by Angel Ramírez, he also sings along with Shiraigo. The instrumentation uses the concepts of acoustic landscape in which the sounds of native instruments, a female voice (Shiraigo) and one or more male voices, such as that of Kadu Xucuru (Brazil), are included. The artists are currently working on a version of the lyrics which, in addition to Portuguese and Spanish, also have parts in indigenous languages.

Sebastian Gerlic points out that "music is a universal language, it is very pleasurable to see how brothers from different countries, ethnicities and languages (native or imposed languages), how we transcend languages through music, the language of the heart, a universal language. Composing in a shared way with different people from different cultures has been a very enriching experience and inspires us to think of a world where all beings live rhythmically to a common beat, the beat of all hearts beating together with the heart of Mother Earth. 

text Dayanne Pereira, translation MZF
The creative process of this work was presenting different versions. 
The production was "#FICAEMCASA" (LOW TECH / LOW COST).
Shiraigo recorded the voices by mobile phone in his own house, fighting with the noise of the street... The human connections, mediated by the internet, were so strong and deep that the song is already on AIRE.