El despertar
Shiraigo Lanche: „The beginning of the new cycle is a rebirth, it is a blossoming, it is an awakening... As the music says: after the strong storm, after the thunder that awakened the Iguana, that animal that is deaf and stops hibernating when the thunder makes the Earth vibrate, this sacred animal, wakes up from lethargy, comes out and sheds its skin... It is renewed and the new year begins... "THE OLDEST AND WISEST ENCHANTS THE SACRED FIRE" and begins the round and the ceremony to the four winds... This is a millenary ritual, it is a meeting of all of Nature. My indigenous people, the MOCOVÍ from different communities get together, and with great joy, with songs and dances, for a few days, we do the ritual...“ A dialogue: 

Sebastián Gerlic: It seems to me that in this moment of "SINDEMIA" we are in a new beginning.

Shiraigo: Yes... there is a different AIR... HUMANITY HAS TO HEAL... AND HAS ALREADY AWAKENING UP...

Sebastián: You know that with my wife, Maria Pankararu (indigenous Brazilian), we have a daughter, Toyane, who has just turned thirteen.

Teenager who is wondering about her identity... Argentinian father and indigenous mother... I would love to produce a video with Toyane based on your music.

Shiraigo: It's beautiful and necessary! My daughter reached her 12th birthday and she dances. My daughter: "Nayra Yasi" through dance reconnects with her indigenous roots, with her spiritual being... Let's co-create together!

Sebastián: Toyane loves to make videos, she likes to use effects, she edits a bit on her mobile phone and a bit on the computer.

Shiraigo: Here we are "imprisoned" in a flat, but we are going to go up to the terrace and film ... Pass me some guidelines on how I can film with the mobile phone.

Sebastián: Let your heart film... And let's fly with eight hands and four spirits.

Shriraigo: The generation of our girls at this age is going through a conflict of identity, a typical theme of adolescence, that added to the crisis that means flowing between two worlds, the indigenous and the western, which confuses and imprisons, and more so now in which the isolation due to the pandemic, with the sensitivity of the skin... skin that begins to shed like the iguana to be reborn and flourish. They are at the beginning and little by little they will find their way and grow, in both worlds as small universes, with their free spirits and their natural arts... In the school spaces where they walk, where discrimination due to ignorance is still present, they build a childhood that denies their indigenous origin. We need to continue working for a multicultural intercultural education. Spaces like the AIRE project are important, a place of encounters, a place of struggle to keep waking up, a springboard to work for a childhood and adolescence with identity and rights.