RESISTIR (“RESIST“) is an audiovisual artwork that aims to make a critical reflection on colonial thinking that is permeated by discrimination and negativist conservatism
The artists who co-created the work were: Coletivo Kókir (Tadeu Kaingang and Sheila Souza); Kadu Xucuru from Brazil; OzZo Ukumari and Elias Caurey Guarani from Bolivia; Shiraigo Mocoví from Argentina and also Rudy Andrés Wiliche from Chile (Mapuche). For the group RESISTIR AIRE allows us to show that it is possible to breathe new air as a breath of life from a land cleansed of prejudices and stigmas.

The audiovisual work presents historical moments of the main demands of indigenous people in various places and temporalities, articulating past, present and future in images, photographs and three musical layers. "The concept of the work involves these fusions of layers and formats, with resources of the language of communication that in synthesis allows to show in the artistic poetics iconic references and audiovisual senses. In the sensitivity provokes reflections on the theme RESIST", says artist Tadeu Kaingang.

Kaingang recalls that in his ethnic group the "Ga Jãnhankri" represents some of the aspects of the concept of the work, the translation means 'Clean Earth'. Life to exist needs the Earth to be clean, and its devastation by the chaotic mode of exploitation as it has been happening, has made the planet Earth diseased, so the sounds of ICU equipment are used in the video. Resistance is a state of alert to life. We are seeing the forests ceasing to exist, the rivers without life and the land unable to breathe. 

During the digital bonfires (virtual meetings for the co-creation of the work) the artists reflected on the well-being of the Earth and the agenda of the demands. These reflections are an alert of resistance to the presence of the new colonizer that acts in the expansion of agricultural, pastoral and extractive character, with the use of the force of violence, provoked by the extermination of many who resisted this project of domination. 

The group of artists aims to bring reflections on the ways of Resisting the conservative forms that seek to relativize violence to justify the extinction of ethnic groups, by force, by the depredation of nature, by fire in the forests, by the contamination of rivers by poison and sewage from the cities that carry diseases in the villages, the symbolic violence between villages as pockets of poverty compared to slums in large urban centres. 
Resistir - AIRE
History of the main demands of indigenous peoples in various places and times. Land and lives do matter.

Collective co-creation:
Tadeu dos Santos Kaingang (Brazil), Kadu Xukuru (Brazil), ozZo Ukumari (Bolivia), Elias Caurey Guarani (Bolivia), Shiraigo Mocoví (Argentina), Rudy Andrés Wiliche - Mapuche (Chile) 

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Revueltas en el hueco - Adrian Quintela (BOL) - (Sur Aural Festival 2020)•